Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You're A Bird I'm A Bird

I feel like everyone needs a pick me up every once and a while. Because of this I created a list of my favorites and their all under $100! Hopefully the pink and red tones will get you excited for one of my favorite upcoming holidays; Valentines day! Maybe the summery items will make the nice weather gravitate this way faster than usual :) While I am still on a hunt for a perfect fur jacket, I am also on a hunt for the perfect summery shorts as well.

Under $100

My favorites include the red bralet top by Betsey Johnson, the swallow printed dress from Modcloth, and the lace shorts by Victoria's Secret (which are on sale!). I am so excited for Valentines day this year! I have already told my boyfriend I expect something along the lines of flowers, have already started planning for his suprise and just love the holiday in general. Although this could be because I have a boyfriend and would probably hate it otherwise. But might as well enjoy it while you have it right? :) The red Demi Cup Swimsuit top reminds me of the famous scene from the notebook when their on the beach playing in the water. So romantic!

The swallow print dress is a great deal for the item. It has elastic around the waist and bow ties on the sleeves. This allows the dress it fit perefectly! It seems like the swallow print is popular this season, I just posted about bows below this which includes 3 blouses with similair prints. I love it! The lace shorts would rank in as number three for me. I have been looking for the perfect pair of shorts ever since my friend returned mine with the zipper broken. These look like they would fit perfectly and look adorable as well. And its a bonus their on sale! Hope the rest of your week is awesome! And wish me luck on the rest of my finals!
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