Friday, July 19, 2013


Anthropologie has always had a sweet spot in my heart. I remember the first item I bought from them, it was a basic black dress when I was fourteen for my mothers wedding. I was instantly in love solely because of the fact the inside label read Anthropologie. I highly appreciate the style of Anthropologies products which simply cannot be found anywhere else. Their clothes have an essence of class and feminism while being casual at the same time. Their jewelry is big and full of bling without being overwhelming, and their furniture, my favorite of all their products, has a rustic antique feel but come without the dirt and smells normal antiques come with.
With their beautiful furniture in mind, I have pulled three amazing couches off their website that I would place in my home immediately if I was able to afford them! Beautiful items come with a not so beautiful price.
I fell in love with the style and color of this couch right away. It looks as if it was pulled straight out of the 1920's. To me, this couch looks as if it belongs in a sun filled parlor somewhere down south in a wealthy mansion. The color, a light coral or salmony color, is just stunning. Although the price is not so stunning, priced at a whopping $3000. It has a velvet material which would feel very comforting in front of a fire place during the winter months or comfortable to share in iced tea on in the summer.

A life such as The Great Gatsby, or Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel comes to mind when I try and place this couch into real life. This couch is full of class and style. Although it would be hard to keep clean in my house, having a dog who likes to sleep on furniture. Its produced and hand finished here in the US. The upholstery is cream colored linen with wooden legs. Sadly it is out of my price range priced at an outstanding $2300.
Last but far from least I chose this handcrafted leather couch. Nice and cool for the summer time but comfortable to snuggle up on in the winter time, this couch is perfect for any season at any home. Leather is a tough material making it (mostly) spill proof, dog proof, and kid proof. I have always thought as leather as being one of the classiest materials, maybe because it is more expensive then most. That is the same with this couch, being the most expensive on my list it is selling for $3900. But more durable material comes with a price to pay!
I don't know what it is, but ever since I adopted my own place for college, I have been obsessed with interior design. I think the home you live in should express your own style otherwise its hard to feel comfortable in your own home. People will be much happier living in a space with their personal touches rather then a space somebody else has designed for them.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Camo Recreated

I saw a wonderfully put together outfit on Cupcakes and Cashmere recently and wanted to recreate the outfit myself! But of course everything I have included is under $50. At the age of 20, going through school, and working as a hostess at a restaurant I just cant afford the beautiful clothes Emily can afford, sadly! But I am going to school for fashion so hopefully one day!

Emily is wearing:
J.Crew hat
Gap jacket
H&M shirt
J Brand shorts
Madwell Belt
Prada bag
Here I have recreated her same look for less:
Asos sandals
Hope this provides some inspiration! My look was created using Polyvore.