Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Quick History Lesson: Chris Benz

I just recently learned Chris Benz attended the same high school I am going too!!! I was shocked because Chris Benz has beautiful clothes and his spring summer 2011 line was gorgeous. The floral and color matching was breathtaking. Here is a quick history lesson on Chris Benz:

He grew up in the northwest area and attended the same high school I do now. (!!!) After graduating he applied to Parson's School of Design and was accepted. He studied there under the wing of famous designers such as Marc Jacobs. After graduating from Parson's in 2004 he got a job working for J.Crew. He launched his first line in 2007. Since then he has been known on the runway for his color, texture, and print combination's. You can find his current collection here.

{A Glimpse of Chris Benz's Spring Summer 2011 Collection}

{Chris Benz Himself}


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