Saturday, December 25, 2010

Diesel + Uffie

Uffie collaborated with Diesel to create a new line which was released November 2010. I have only heard a few songs of Uffie's but what I had heard I enjoyed so I was excited to see the new line. Most people know her from her song SUV which has a sweet tone but a darker side as well.

There are 12 pieces in all. Some pieces incorporate leather, many include interesting hem lines, but all have Uffie's signature touch. Originally I was cautious to see the line after hearing her new album but I was actually happy with what I saw. The leather + denim bustier would be adorable with skinnies and I love the interesting touch of a blue inside when you role the jeans up. You can find all the pieces here. Great job Uffie!


Friday, December 24, 2010

One of a Kind

Anthropologie came out with this collection of chairs a little while ago. They are absolutely gorgeous and I have never seen anything like them! Too bad they come with a hefty price tag, each one priced around $1,300. Because their handmade in Tunisia each one is truly one of a kind. The chairs would look beautiful as a centerpiece in a living room or an accent in a library. Because the chairs feature so many different patterns and colors they could go with just about anything. Above are a few of my favorite.


Mini Editor

I recently signed up for polyvore and decided to give you guys a little activity. Each item was hand picked by me. Enjoy!


Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

My Beauty Pick of the Week

I don't normally buy average beauty products from the drug store, I usually opt for more expensive products but this one I just had to share! I can't remember the first place I used it but I haven't stopped since. It makes your skin feel incredible and it is a great beauty staple for winter. Because it isn't soapy but rather creamy it makes your skin so soft and hydrated to the point where you could skip the lotion. I found a place to buy it online here but any average drugstore would carry it as well. A great idea for a stocking stuffer for the holiday season!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Perfect Pair

I have been looking for the perfect pair of black sweat pants for a long time now. I bought a pair not too long ago from Nordstrom's by the brand Stem but they are a little too long so I can't wear them when the ground is wet. Nothing is worse then a soaked pair of cotton pants. I have been hunting for a pair that are fancy enough to wear with flats out but comfy enough to wear around the house as well. I came across this pair at Forever21. The price is right and the cargo pockets give them a fun touch. I asked for them for my upcoming birthday so we will see how they turn out!


Splurge vs Steal: Skirts

{Haute Hippie} {Trina Turk}

The skirt on the left I thought was adorable but out of my price range. Designed by Haute Hippie, it costs a whooping $295. The skirt on the right was still a hefty price but closer to my price range costing $178. Both have beautifully stitched sequins and a zip closure to make the fit snug.

{BCBGMAXAZRIA} {Forever21}

Both these skirts have a child like feel but have drastic price ranges. BCBG designed the skirt on the left. It may be a little darker but very similar to the forever21 skirt. Forever21's design is almost 1/15 the price costing $14.80 while the BCBG one is priced at $198. They both look great with heals for a night out!


Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $20

It's always crazy the week before Christmas with everybody rushing around to finish the last of their shopping. Luckily, I made a compilation of my favorite things the stores are offering this season, and its all under twenty dollars!

1. Bath and Body Works Shampoo and Conditioner $7.50 {here}
2. Forever21 Beaded Wallet $
16.80 {here}
3. Forever21 Flower Belt $
15.80 {here}
4. Nordstrom's BP studded earrings $
12.00 {here}
5. Essie Pretty In Pink Nail Polish {here}
6. Forever21 Knitted Hat $6.80 {here}
7. Forever21 Feathered Earrings $4.80 {here}
8. Old Navy Faux Snake Ballet Flat $19.50 {here}
9. Urban Outfitters Heart Shaped Sunglasses $14.00 {here}


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perfume vs Eau de Toilette

{Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Ad}

I never knew the difference between perfume or eau de toilette until recently. One major difference between the two is the price. Perfume tends to cost considerably more than eau de toilette. This is because perfume contains a higher percentage of perfume concentrate. Perfume also has a heavier scent. Perfume tends to last up to six hours while eau de toilette fades after two or three. I tend to use perfume on more special occasions because of the cost and use the same scent but in an eau de toilette on more causal outings. Either way, both are great for attracting someone special!



I love the look of the turban. Topshop recently released a velvet one in a violet color. What more could you ask for? Many stores are coming out with a warmer knitted variation as well. A perfect winter accessory you could wear to be warm and stylish at the same time. I also love this one by Asos. The black stretchy material fits just right without being too tight and the feather adds a playful touch. The model has blond hair but it goes great with my brunette hair also. If you are looking for a last minute gift- go for it. Any fashionista will be glad you chose this. Happy Holidays from Pretending Fashion!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Silk, Rich Tones, and the Perfect Fit

{Silk Striped Skirt}

{Bohemian Silk Top}

{Cropped Blue Jeans}

Forever 21's line "Love 21" has the cutest clothes to soften any outfit. The collection is full of dark rich tones and lots of silk. Two of my favorite things! This pink striped skirt falls in the perfect place to shape your legs just right. With a hidden zipper included it fits snug against the waist. The bohemian top has such a bright design. It would look amazing with a sophisticated pair of skinnies. And the bow on these jeans adds just the right amount of flirt without going overboard. What beautiful and sophisticated clothes Love 21 has to offer!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mark Leibowitz

{John Galliano Fashion Show, Shot by Mark Leibowitz}

I first saw these images here ( and later got the pictures from here ( I liked them so much I had to share. They were taken by Mark Leibowitz backstage at the John Galliano fashion show. They are beautiful and look exactly like paintings! Every picture is bright, chaotic, and full of energy. Great for brightening a cloudy day.



I am making this blog for a school project, but I hope it will turn out more than that. I want to share my favorites in fashion, my favorite photos and put together all my ideas into one place. After ripping out all my favorite photos from the magazines littering my floor I decided I needed a different way to organize my thoughts. Happy Holidays!