Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Dream Prom Dresses

Since I am a senior in high school and its spring time everyone probably knows whats coming up in a girls world who is obsessed with fashion. Yep, you guessed it, senior prom. Wearing a dress to senior prom and wearing a dress on your wedding day are the 2 most special occasions I could come up with when you should choose your dress carefully. Although when Im getting married and looking back on prom I will probably laugh thinking this wasnt that huge of a deal. But of course its fun to dream about right now. I wonder what Tavi would wear. Something vintage I would hope but most of all, something Tavi. Which is exactly what I want. I want to wear a look that is me. So I put together some of my favorite dresses of the season, (although all of them are out of my price range).

prom dresses

1. Marchesa, $3,995
2. Jason Wu, $3,120
3. All Saints, $460
4. Donna Karen, $1,595
5. Lanvin, $1,490
7. Topshop, $350
9. Kaufmanfranco, $2,995
10. Azzaro, $4,355
11. Balmain, $3,654
12. Alexander McQueen, $17,630

Which do you like best?



  1. I like the red one and number five asimetic. I looked for this one in Topshop but I didn't find it.

  2. are you talking about the pink one? this is an old post so it probably isnt available anymore :( Let me know if you would like me to find one somewher else that is similair for you!(: