Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Borrow Clothes

Dont you hate it when you let your friends borrow your clothes and they return them with holes or their unwashed? Its so disrespectful! Just the other day I lent my favorite shorts (and I mean favorite, I have had those shorts for years and they were so comfterable and actually made my legs look good) and she returned them with the zipper broken! Of course I was planning on bringing it up with her but didnt want to risk our relationship and I try to avoid any awkward moments when I can. And there was nothing she could do about it but apologize, they were too old to buy and there was no way the zipper could be salvaged. Because we all love borrowing others clothes but hate lending out our own clothes I have made some rules to live by when wearing others clothes.

1. Dont rip the clothes

Possibly try and avoid jumping fences. Im not saying not to live your life to the fullest, if you must jump a fence or other such activites than jump it but be aware of the clothing items that are not yours. Wouldnt you hate it if your friends ripped your favorite sweater or your favorite jeans? And a ripped sweater in most cases, cant be fixed.

2. Do not stain the clothes

Once again, Im not saying to plan your whole life around what you are wearing but if you know you are going out to chinese food or are going to play touch football please dont wear my clothes. Nothing is worse than getting a piece of clothing returned with an unidentifible stain.
3. If you wear a bigger size than your friend be respectful and only borrow accesories or vests or other items than you know you can fit into

I once lent a sweater out to one of my really good friends. It was a sweater i got for 5 dollars from a thrift store but that doesnt mean I didnt love it. It was beautiful and from Ann Taylor, which means it must have costed a heafty sum from the actual store. But my friend who is a couple sizes larger than me wore it buttoned up for the whole day, and no matter how many times I washed it, it never shrunk back to its original size, which means it looks funny on me now.

4. Give the clothes back when asked
Please! I have learned my lesson here also. I still havnt gotten my clothes back which I lent out probably four years ago. The worst part? I see her often enough that she had to dodge the question a couple times a week before I just lost hope. But I have come across so many outfits that would be so adorable with that one piece of clothing but couldnt wear them!

5. If you want to borrow others clothing you must let them borrow yours as well. Fair is fair.

Here, I am guilty. After having so many bad expierences with lending clothes out I would borrow my friends clothes than never lend anything out of my own. I put this rule in at the last moment because I realized it was true. Hopefully I will learn my lesson.

Hopefully we all will learn our lesson!
Here are some old pictures I still havnt posted yet. I didnt think they deserved their own post since theres only a few of them but here they are! Im wearing an American Eagle Coat, Kensie sweater, Forever21 necklace, and Ugg boots. Have a great rest of the week!


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